Leader as Coach - Testimonials - Various

See what program participants have to say about this great program.

“Leader as Coach was a revelation. The concept of any form of training done via teleconference was a new one to me, and frankly I wasn't convinced that it would work. The thought of taking 10 strangers and putting them together to learn in an 'artificial' environment seemed like an odd way to go about facilitating learning in such an important area. By the end of the very first session I was not only convinced, I was hooked! Every week that I spent with my fellow participants was a great investment in my learning as we shared achievements, new understanding and some amazing 'a-ha' moments.”

“My Ops Manager is hard working and has been operational for a long time. I have wanted her to be more strategic. Having completed the Leader as Coach Program I have witnessed her develop a more strategic mindset. I felt the course gave participants a chance to share experiences and help each other. Common issues same approach to resolving problems. In the past she may not have seen the big picture and thought about how she might get there. Now she does.”

“The Leader as Coach Program has been the single greatest influence on my career as a people leader. Coaching works! I'd recommend it to anyone looking to improve the engagement and results of their team.”

“Previously my manager was very task focussed, very controlling and lacked people skills. He is now taking a step back and “talking” to his staff, encouraging them to find solutions to their issues. As a consequence they are feeling more encouraged and valued. They are now more empowered and acting as a cohesive team”

“This staff member has become less operational and more business focussed. Also they have developed a more strategic mindset particularly regarding service delivery improvements and improved efficiencies”

“I have noticed a big difference in the team dynamics as a result of her participating in the Leader as Coach Program. Her change in leadership style has resulted in improved team confidence, more buy in, shared responsibilities and better outcomes”

“He is a diamond that needed polishing and the program has added the polish and provided validation to me that he is a good leader”

“As a result of attending the Leader as Coach Program I have seen significant change in her taking a coaching approach to her leadership”

“After many years at the Nab and having been a people leader for some time I thought I knew how to coach. How wrong I was. I was a good sympathiser who fed people how to do things, my way. Now, after this course, I know I can coach for success, empowering my coachees to find solutions and commitment, their way. I sincerely thank Point Ahead, and my fellow participants for giving me encouragement, friendship and lots of laughs. Just goes to prove you are never too old to learn.”

“A tangible result from the program which was evident in the quality of the commentary from my direct reports in our 360 degree Leadership Behaviours Survey. During my time as a people leader of a business unit, the commentary in the feedback from my direct reports indicated a greater level of engagement, seeking to understand individuals motivators more deeply, and an interest in assisting and empowering them to find their own solutions.”

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Leader as Coach - Testimonials - Various