Great results for OceanaGold

As the General Manager of Didipio Operations for Oceanagold Inc., I have been extremely satisfied with the value our organisation and people have received from the Leader as Coach Program.

At Didipio in northern Luzon, Philippines, we are now undertaking our fourth program with Point Ahead under the highly professional facilitation of Peter Bowring. Each and every participant in the Program has increased their leadership effectiveness, not only by enhancing their skills of coaching subordinates in the workplace, but moreso from my perspective, by developing their strategic conversational ability. This has had the cumulative benefit of creating an organisation that works with stronger alignment to its objectives whilst empowering managers and superintendents to focus on guiding their own teams towards self-realised alternatives and solutions for operationally significant challenges.

The program is highly relevant to the current workplace context and encourages participants to learn by applying sound and pragmatic strategic leadership principles to real situations which they may have previously averted. Herein lies the key to the program’s success at Didipio – Peter and the Point Ahead Team are skilled at reinforcing and embedding the real-work learnings into the leadership value set of the program participant, to the extent that upon graduation from the 20 week program, participants are already experiencing the greater sense of satisfaction and confidence gleaned from seeing the value of their own leadership return improved outcomes. As an early participant in the program, I have personally experienced the rewarding sense of accomplishment gained through more effective application of my leadership efforts.

Thanks Peter - for unlocking further value and potential within our leadership team.


Great results for OceanaGold