About us

Point Ahead is a boutique leadership and cultural change consultancy.

Our mission is to positively impact top and bottom line results across corporate Australia, Asia and America. We do this by delivering best-fit leadership development programs for our clients. Our programs are designed to fit the organisation: its history and future, its context, its current needs and its budget. Our work is holistic, targeted and productive. We design it to be inclusive, cross silos and link to other organisational initiatives. A coaching methodology permeates all that we do.

Point Ahead specialists provide a trusted sounding board to expand our clients' perspectives and consolidate their thinking. We bring a raft of experience, a suite of programs & tools and boundless creativity to our work. We challenge and support (as required) to overcome roadblocks, ensure momentum is maintained and that the right people are involved in any initiative.

We think systemically and always have the best interests of the organisation in mind. This enables us to do our best work in terms of Leadership applied to Succession Planning, Innovation, Brand, Operational Efficiencies and Revenue and Profit.