Peter Bowring - Director

Peter is an Executive Coach, Facilitator and Leadership Development specialist. He also oversees the design of any client program to ensure that the organisation's vision and values are always in focus, that all current initiatives are respected and that clients are engaged in establishing well-defined outcomes and success criteria.

At the project level Peter works with organisations to improve the key drivers of productivity and high performance - the engagement of employees and the alignment of day-to-day activities to organisational goals and objectives. The value of Peter's work results in staff being emotionally connected to the organisation, enthusiastic about their work and believing their job contributes to business success.

Peter is skilled in the use of surveys and diagnostic tools for the purpose of measuring success. This enables him to accurately identify priorities for action, supervise the development of actionable plans for improvement and measure performance to ensure that positive change is achieved. He works with senior leaders, middle managers and their teams to encourage the development of a constructive culture, leading to better individual and organisational outcomes.

Peter has a wealth of experience as a senior advisor, trusted confidant and coach to executives and middle managers. He understands the thinking of industry and government and has partnered with major organisations in transformational change to improve behaviours, engagement, culture and performance. He is trained as an executive coach by the Institute of Executive Coaches - Australia and is accredited in the application of Human Synergistics, Insync Surveys and Genos EI diagnostics tools used in the development of people, groups and organisations.

Peter is a founding partner of Point Ahead.

Peter Bowring - Director

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Tel: +61 3 99465024

Mb: +61 418 340 639