Leader as Coach

When an organisation's leaders consistently use a coaching style in their interactions with staff, a coaching culture develops

The Leader as Coach Program is a positive group-learning experience that enables middle to senior executives to utilise a greater range of leadership behaviours and leadership practices.

When managers lead they are able to motivate their staff to bring their total commitment and discretionary effort to achieving the organisation's goals. A coaching approach enables the manager to capitalise on the strengths of their people.

Built on a sound theoretical base the Leader as Coach Program is designed to fit the adult learning process of real time learning, reinforcement and reflection.

The course runs over an extended period and provides plenty of opportunities for practice and continuous improvement. The culture of these groups is invigorating, trusting, intimate and collegial.

Throughout the course participants build a community of practice based on individual commitment and accountability. The result is supportive relationships leading to sustainable networks across silos and cross fertilisation of ideas. Participants learn how to coach themselves and others in a variety of circumstances and for a variety of purposes.

The Leader as Coach Program has been proven to deliver:

- practices based on individual learning, commitment and accountability for results

- significant increases in organisational performance and staff satisfaction

- supportive networks across silos and cross fertilisation of ideas, and

- practical, measurable benefits to individuals, their teams and the organisation.

Building a Coaching Culture

The International Coach Federation (ICF) in conjunction with the Human Capital Institute (HCI) recently released their report on how to build a coaching culture within organisations and the benefits that flow from this.

Coaching also has an impact on financial performance, with 60% of respondents from organisations with strong coaching cultures reporting their 2013 revenue to be above average, compared to their peer group.

Point Ahead strongly promotes and builds capability to develop this type of culture and one of our programs (Leader as Coach) is used across a number of organisations with this purpose in mind. If you are interested in trialing the program we now run regular public programs where you can enrol one or two participants in the 13 week program (Go to Events to see when the next public program is scheduled)

If you are interested in the ICF/HCI report see the link below to get a copy.

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