Executive Brand

Develop and communicate your unique promise of value for career and organisational success

The Executive Brand Program is a positive learning experience that leads to improved confidence and communication, closer alignment to the organisation and improved, more purposeful career management.

Individuals who are clear about their brand and their career direction are likely to be engaged, motivated and productive for their organisation. Being on brand enhances their reputation and the experience of their customers. On-brand individuals working within an organisation are clear how their success and the success of their organisation is linked.

The Executive Brand Program is designed on adult learning principles of real time learning, reinforcement and reflection. The course runs over an extended period and provides plenty of opportunities for practice and continuous improvement. The culture of these groups is also invigorating trusting, intimate and collegial.

Throughout the course participants build a community of practice based on individual commitment and accountability. The result is supportive relationships, sustainable networks across silos and cross fertilisation of ideas. Participants learn how to brand themselves and how to communicate that brand to their target audience in ways that add value for all concerned.

Program outcomes:

- Knowing your executive brand helps you to stand apart from your competition.

- Since your executive brand is real and authentic to you, you aren't masquerading to be something you are not. Branding instills self-confidence.

- If you are inside a corporation, executive branding facilitates using your strengths to support the corporate brand.

- The executive branding process helps you to define your vision, purpose, values, and passions.

- In turn, uncovering your personal brand attributes and defining your vision, purpose, values, and passions facilitates in you defining your ultimate role and place where you want to work (whether it be a company or for yourself).

Other Executive Brand solutions:

- Executive Career Success - individual brand coaching programs over six months

- Team Brand Programs - for Sales Teams and or other specific teams that plan to stand out

- Succession Group Programs - for those identified as potential candidates for future leadership roles and requiring support to better position themselves and to bridge any real or perceived gaps in their capability

- Virtual Personal Brand Program - an online program for individuals to kick start career planning (Group and individual programs available)

- LinkedIn Intensive workshops/ webinars to build a strong LinkedIn presence

- Keynote presentations for conferences, workshops and other such events.


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