Leadership Development

Developed leaders are more capable of evolving culture and supporting the constant change of doing business and driving performance.

We determine and provide best-fit leadership development across Australia, Asia and America, with a clear focus on changing behaviours to positively impact top and bottom line results.

Programs typically run over 4 to 6 months to ensure maximum stakeholder engagement, leveraged peer support and sustainable networks over time. A coaching methodology permeates all that we do.

We design programs to suit each client, and use proven adult, blended-learning methodology which includes a mix of face-to-face and technology-driven delivery modes.

We develop learning modules to address the identified needs of our clients; and our learning approach includes opportunities to apply what is learnt to real-time work situations.

Group coaching sessions support the application of learning and allow participants to learn from each other. This also serves to create high levels of action and accountability.

Typically our designs include a project that fits into the business rhythm of the organisation. This enables participants to bridge the knowing doing gap, engage important stakeholders and thus stretch themselves in applying their leadership skills. As participants work to deliver their projects we coach and support them in using what they are learning in formal sessions.

Measurement and reporting are key components. Before starting an initiative we work with our clients to establish key success measures and milestones so these can be tracked throughout. At the conclusion of a program we measure what we have achieved. It is common for us to develop a Program Review that includes interviews with participants (and key stakeholders) to chronicle what we have done and to ensure we have delivered on expectations.


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